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    The stronger the relationship, the more likely you will take care of your shoes. To help you, we offer shoe care products and guides that will increase the longevity of your everyday heroes.


    Looking after your pieces is key to giving them a longer lifespan, as illustrated in our Care guide. Learn how to care for your footwear and accessories by following the steps of Clean, Care and Protect - to ensure a great-looking finish over time. After all, making your products last is the best way to ease the strain on our environment.

    At Vagabond, we strive to make conscious choices in the care products we use, enabling us to create the least possible environmental impact. Springyard is a leading Scandinavian shoe care brand with an environmentally friendly product line named Springyard Therapy - which includes natural ingredients, vegan options and is 100% biodegradable. The products can be found online and in our Vagabond stores.

    Read more about how to care for our different materials in our Care guide below.


    For optimal results, apply care products to your footwear and accessories the night before to make sure the product sinks in properly

    Always test the product on a hidden surface before use to reduce the risk of damaging the material. Ideally, use separate brushes for different colours of leather (black, neutral, etc.) to avoid discolouring and damaging the material

    Alternate between different shoes – using the same pair can impact the shoe’s overall shape. A good rule of thumb is letting the shoes rest for at least 24 hours between wearing.  
    Add insoles in cotton or leather to protect the shoes against odour and prolong the lifespan. Note that this is essential for shoes worn barefoot during spring/summer, like sleek flats or loafers.

    Maintain shape    
    Between wearing, it’s important to keep the shoe’s fit in check. For low shoes, insert shoe trees in cedarwood to absorb moisture, prevent creasing, and maintain the shoe’s shape over time. For tall boots, use boot stands to ensure the shaft and zipper remain in good condition between wear.

    With every use, be sure to use a shoehorn to protect the heel counter, avoid unnecessary wear and tear and maintain the shoe’s overall shape. 

    Store your shoes  
    Between seasons, store the shoes in a clean, dry space or in shoe boxes, away from direct sunlight. This will allow the shoes to rest and make sure the leather doesn’t dry out.

    Care by repair
    Prolonging the lifespan of your shoes and accessories goes beyond just using suitable care products. When your Vagabond pieces start to wear down, it increases the risk of damage and tears. The best way to maintain their condition is to bring them to your nearest cobbler or Vagabond store to assess whether the damage can be repaired. Via our stores, we always strive to repair them in the best way we can, making sure you get the most use out of your pieces by letting them live on in the way they were designed to.