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    The Change

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    The Change

    The Craft The Choice
    The Care The Change

    When you give a pair of shoes a second chance, real change is happening. After all, your shoes always have more to give. By passing your shoes forward, we get closer to closing the loop.

    Make every step count

    Sustainability awareness is an ongoing journey and part of everything we do. The best way to meet these standards is by prolonging the life of each product as much as we can.

    Every step count, from the leather we use to the shoes you choose. In design, production, and distribution, decisions are made to support our journey. We set goals in all sustainability aspects, both for the environment and every hand involved in making our products. For us, sustainable materials and working conditions are central parts, as well as reducing air emissions. Now follows the focus on our production process for a full view of the emission footprint of our product – one step closer to closing the loop.

    Shoe Bring Back

    To us, it matters that you only buy what you really love. Equally important is how you pass on your pre-loved items. In our Shoe Bring Back initiative, we collaborate with I: Collect - a system designed for the reusing and safe recycling of footwear. Within this project, wearable shoes are re-distributed to second-hand shops, and worn-out shoes become new raw materials. The process utilises innovative techniques tailored to the complex composition of footwear.

    We support

    What motivates us at Vagabond, is being able to share our efforts with external initiatives needed to drive sustainable development forward. In other words, supporting organisations that operate for both people and the planet in areas other than our own. Each year, we donate an amount to charity organisations around the world, focusing our efforts on vital areas within the pillars of Health, Environment & Climate and Young & Exposed.

    Read more about the different areas that we support and each of the organisations striving to make a difference on our LinkedIn page.