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Shoe care

Cleaning, caring and protecting your shoes is the key for a long sustainable life and to keep them looking their best. Different styles may need different treatment. If you are unsure about how to treat your shoes and which products to use, you are welcome to read our Care Guide.


  1. Clean
    The first step is always to clean your shoes. Prepare the shoes to be polished by removing all dirt with a damp cloth, brush or a shoe foam cleaner.

  2. Care
    The second step is to refresh and nourish with a gentle and suitable leather polish, cream or wax. Let your shoes rest at least 24 hours before using them again.

  3. Protect
    The third step is to protect the shoes from dirt, rain and dampness. Regular shoe care is automatically long-term protection, especially for leather where wax can be applied. If you use a repellent product, make sure it is water based and follows chemical regulations.

  4. Storage
    When you are not using your shoes, wipe them off and keep them in their shoe box or in your shoe closet for storage. Preferably, use a shoe tree - it will help maintain the shape of your shoes.


It is important to use the proper products for the specific material of your shoes. Check out our range of shoe care products here.


Use our size guide to find your perfect fit. Note that the size chart is general for all shoes.


  1. Place your foot on a flat surface with your heel against a straight edge or a wall.

  2. Place a ruler beside your foot, touching the same straight edge as your heel.

  3. Then take the length in millimetres from the tip of your longest toe to your heel and find your perfect fit in our size guide.

For a more exact measurement wear the socks you would want to wear in your new shoes and do the measuring in the evening (your feet may become a bit swollen during the day).

If your foot measurement is halfway between sizes, select the larger size.

You may find that one foot is longer than the other, this is quite normal. For best comfort choose the larger size.


Don’t worry, we offer free returns and you will receive a refund.


With our mission to be a global fashion brand comes a great responsibility to think and act sustainable on all levels. At this journey it is all about awareness in choices of material, production, transportation and consumption, while at the same time striving for innovations and solutions that can really be a game changer. You can read about our everyday commitments here, or learn more in our latest FAQ below.


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We have several Vagabond concept stores around Europe. If your favourite Vagabond product is out of stock in a store, our staff members can help you place an online order in our official Vagabond stores. You can either choose to ship to a Vagabond store or ship to your home, and you can also choose to make a return to the Vagabond store.


Vagabond is available among several shop-in-shops around the world. In these shop-in-shop you can find a wide range of Vagabond products.


Vagabond products are sold online and in stores in over 40 markets worldwide.


How should I store my winter shoes?

Make sure that your shoes are dry and clean. They should be stored in a cool environment, and not near a radiator, since the heat will damage the softness of the leather. To preserve the shape of the shoe you may use shoe blocks or some newspaper tissues. When you are ready to use them again, use leather cream for the best protection if they have been stored for a long period of time.

How do I take care of my shoes in the best way?

Cleaning, caring and protecting your shoes is the key to give your shoes a long life and having them looking their best. Our selection of Shoe Care products together with the Care Guide is an important step in our work to minimize and substitute the use of chemicals to less environmentally harmful substances. Please note that different materials require different shoe care products. 


Are Vagabond shoes true to size?

Vagabond shoes are true to size unless the product description specifically states otherwise. We recommend using our size guide, which is also available on the product page.

Do you produce size 35 and 42 for women?

Not always. Our aim is to offer size 35 and 42 on our most popular models.

EU sizing?

We use EU sizing as a standard for our shoes. If you are unsure about your size, we recommend using our size guide.


How does Vagabond work with water pollution caused by the fashion industry?

We work primarily with leathers and it is important to have a close collaboration with our supplying tanneries. Like textiles, wastewater needs to be properly treated before it can be released. We carefully select and work with just a few tanneries and each of them must sign our code of conduct and RSL (restricted substances list) before we start working together. We also frequently visit, and besides social compliance and working environment, wastewater treatment is highest priority. Our suppliers who deliver the quality material we are asking for, either have their own monitored full water treatment set ups and/or are connected to municipal wastewater treatment plants.

We believe it is important to act together with our colleges in the business. Through our memberships in several organizations it is our responsibility to raise questions and push for global and local restrictions and regulations that can really make structural change.

We also use recycled polyester and organic GOTS certified cotton in our shoes. Vagabond shoes are not manufactured to be washed, therefore recycled polyester is a good match – it is during washing where we have the highest risk of micro plastic risk ending up in our oceans. We aim to further develop our designs with cellulose based materials alternative to cotton to further reduce the need for water during the material production.

How can I become a more conscious Vagabond consumer?

It is within our everyday mission to find more and more sustainable materials and transport alternatives, to be able to gradually close the loop. In short terms closing the loop means that we can produce, reuse and recycle, aiming in the long run to leave a climate neutral footprint behind. An important part on this journey is to extend the lifecycle of your shoes. We believe that by presenting the best possible products, provide guidance of how to care for them and finally how to recycle – that is the most important thing for both us and you as a consumer to do. Learn more about shoe care and Shoe Bring Back. And remember that a good start is to “only buy what you really love”!

I want to know more about reuse and recycling, what can I do?

The most important thing to do is to make sure that what you buy is being used for as long time as possible. Taking care of your shoes is both making sure they’ll last well while you have them and be good enough to pass on to someone else. The aim is to have as long total lifecycle as possible! Do you have shoes in your wardrobe just hanging around, not being used anymore? Leave them for Shoe Bring Back by Vagabond – then they’ll either be passed on for secondhand or material recycling (and you’ll get a voucher, read more here). If you do not have access to Shoe Bring Back, search for a recycling initiative close to you or hand on to charity.

I would like to buy non-animal shoes from Vagabond. What are they made of?

Our non-animal collection is part of our ambition to keep searching for and trying alternative materials to the conventional leather from a climate point of view. Our present non-animal collection have uppers from synthetic leather, lining from organic GOTS certified cotton, inner sole from cork and different outsoles all from non-animal origin. The glue used in production is also non-animal.

You have chrome free tanned inner soles, what does that mean?

When preparing all leathers, different kinds of minerals and chemicals are used. Most leathers are chrome-tanned to achieve good softness, durability, and colour. However, close to bare skin, chrome tanned leathers may cause skin allergies. Therefore, we have replaced our inner soles with 100% chrome-free tanned leather to avoid any risk. In chrome-free tanning, a mix of vegetable and synthetic substances is used instead.

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