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In true modern vagabond style, Pete and Lorelle are two English expats who found each other through a twist of fate. Now they live, work and play in a band together. Inseparable. So, what’s it like living with your soulmate in the City of Light?

How did you meet, and was it long before you saw each other again?

Pete & Lorelle - We met on a spring day in London by a twist of fate. Always walking, always talking. I’d say it was only about two weeks until we saw each other again, this time in Paris.


How does Paris influence you being together?

Pete - Paris to me is a city that rarely changes, yet you can walk through the same places and always see something new. What with all the walking and talking, a place like that is pretty inspiring.

Lorelle - Parisis the place where we hold some of our earliest and fondest memories. Fancy-free, roaming around, no money, no fuss. Just us.


Lou Reed described his Perfect Day in a song. How would you spend yours together?

Pete - For me, our perfect day would start with a really good cup of a coffee, jumping in our van and driving some place we’ve never been before. We’d have our guitars and cameras with us. All we need, really.

Lorelle - Sounds good to me, as long as we’re spending it together, preferably in the sun!


Which colour is essential to your style?

Pete - Black.

Lorelle - Yellow… just kidding… Black.


How important are cool shoes in an outfit?

Pete - I religiously polish my shoes before I leave the house every day…so I guess they’re pretty important. They say shoes are the first thing a person notices about you right?

Lorelle - A good pair of shoes means less to think about later.


Do you share a dream, if so what is it?

Pete - I think we have many, many dreams that we share together, our band Mara Falls being the start. That’s what keeps us walking together.

Lorelle - Every day is a dream we share together…. Haha!


Who do you see as a current icon?

Pete - Trent Reznor.

Lorelle - Joanna Lumley.


OUR PARIS… Where we go and what we do together

Pete & Lorelle UFO, La Mécanique Ondulatoire, Le China, Closerie des Lilas, Valentin’s, Le Derrier, Ave Maria… also, we found most places that have “Chez” in the name are great…



Soulmates, that’s what we are. We have a band together, so we’re always working and on the move. A match made in heaven.

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Two English expats who found each other through a twist of fate.

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