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Nothing exemplifies togetherness more than family; the bond of blood that ties siblings together, regardless of where they live. And with Gaia and Anania, sisterhood is a continual source of strength, comfort and support. They’re different people with strong individual personalities, but together they want the same things in life - to dance, sing and laugh.

Where were you born?

Gaia - I was born in a small, cute and empty city called Montaigu, in Western France, with green all around.

Anania - Montaigu, with my sister.


What does living in Paris mean to you?

Gaia - Well, freedom and independence.

Anania - Although it’s the capital, and is fantastic, being in Paris doesn’t really fascinate me, and it’s not essential. I don’t feel the need to be there to be happy.


Not all siblings are so close. Could you live in separate cities?

Gaia - I know so many people without any siblings. And I could not imagine myself without them. It’s beautiful because even if we are living far from each other (including my brother) it’s like we’re always together. We are so connected.


What colour do you wear best?

Gaia - Only black and white. I think those colours fit me well, but only because I feel good with them. It’s important to wear something which makes you feel better. This is the perfect balance of opposites.

Anania - I feel that since I’m a brunette, a lot of different colours suit me, but the ones I like most are black, mustard, blue and forest green.


Do cool shoes make an outfit?

Gaia - Hahahaha, I don’t even consider this a question because this is a rule, a law, an affirmation. YES, IT DOES!

Anania - Of course, it’s not an accessory, it makes the outfit!



Where do you want to go in the world?

Gaia - I would love to go to South Korea. This is a dream, a goal, a quest. It’s my roots.

Anania - Me too.


Do you have a hero? If so, who?

Gaia - Devon Aoki as a hero for her beauty. Mozart and The Clash as heroes for their “melodies”. Charles Bukowski as a hero for his words. David Lynch as a hero for his movies. But for me, my real heroes are my parents – no myth but just the saviors of my life.

Anania - I don’t really have heroes, but the person I really look up to is my mother.


How does your sister make you stronger?

Gaia - Anania makes me feel real and alive. We are a team; nobody can destroy us, nobody can step on us, nobody can separate us. She makes me stronger day after day because she trusts me, she believes in me.

Anania - She makes me strong with her physical and mental presence. There is not a single day without me feeling proud of her. Our compassion for each other grows stronger every day; she completes my life since she is a part of me.


OUR PARIS… Where we go and what we do together

Gaia - Coffee for 6; Haussmanian apartments with fireplaces; Canal Saint Martin; Smoking outdoors, noisy streets and people in a rush; everywhere in Paris is an experience! Just walk and look – you’ll see the history and feel the city everywhere.


Anania - Buttes Chaumont, favourite park. Le St Gervais or La Perle – perfect for a glass of wine or drink at night. Love the 11th arrondissement and favourite street Rue de la Fontaine au Roi. Chambelland, it’s an amazing bakery and coffee place. Ossek Garden, Korean barbecue OFC.

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