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    The Choice

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    The Choice

    The Craft The Choice
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    Your decision is important too. If you only buy what you really love, we hope it will stay with you for longer - being treasured and used season after season.

    Only buy what you really love

    We build our design process based on our knowledge of shoemaking and materials. Our products are made to be worn, and our wearers are the biggest inspiration in everything we do. We always strive to bring the world of shoemaking to our end-users in contemporary, forward-thinking, and creative ways. With long-lasting style and quality, your Vagabond pieces are made to be your wardrobe heroes.

    To us, it matters that you only buy what you really love. That means using your Vagabonds a lot, caring for them, and passing them on to someone else when you do not want them anymore. This circular way of thinking allows the lifespan of the product to stretch beyond the season – which is our purpose when designing each product. After all, our responsibility as a brand is to create styles that last over time, both regarding quality and style. While sharing our vision of footwear as a conscious fashion investment and a complement to the modern wardrobe.

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