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For production & environment: WATER, CHEMICAL REQUIREMENTS & CONTROL

We are continuously extending our demands on environmental care in our production. Focus areas during 2017 have been water, energy and chemical management in the production units.


— Members in the STWI cooperation. Aiming for a better water management in the manufacturing of our materials. In 2017 our focus has primarily been on water consumption. Our hope is to extend this and/or similar projects. (Page 13)

— Continuing our glue project together with the test institute Swerea IVF in Gothenburg. Currently in phase 2, meaning not only the investigation of existing glues, but also new innovate formulas and fixing techniques. Commitment to change to the use of more healthy chemicals. (Page 17)

— Strengthening our chemical requirements and enhanced control of process chemicals. (Page 16)

— Increasing the number of chemical tests. (Page 16)

— Training at our suppliers in the handling of chemicals. (Page 20 & 26)

— High filling ratio in our containers, reducing our carbon footprint. (Page 15)

For production & environment: WATER, CHEMICAL REQUIREMENTS & CONTROL

Five Sustainability Commitments 2017

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