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Shoe Bring Back

Shoe Bring Back

Closing the Loop

Prolonging the life cycle of our fashion pieces forms the cornerstone of mindful consumption. Our Shoe Bring Back initiative is a collaboration with I: Collect, a system devoted to reusing and safely recycling footwear.

The primary challenge lies in the neglect or premature disposal of shoes that have more to give. Within this project, wearable shoes are carefully sorted out and directed to the second-hand market. Worn-out shoes that are beyond functional use undergo a secure process of disassembly, shredding, and sorting into material fractions, serving as a source of new raw materials. The process utilises innovative techniques tailored to the complex composition of footwear. 

Locate your nearest Shoe Bring Back

The Shoe Bring Back service is exclusively available in all Vagabond Stores in Sweden, Finland, and Germany. For those outside these locations, we recommend exploring local alternatives. This prevents the disposal of worn-out shoes into conventional household waste. Waste sorting services are now improving, increasingly incorporating separate services for apparel. For each bag of worn shoes you contribute, you get a 5EUR discount voucher to be redeemed at our stores. I: Collect embraces the entirety of the shoe spectrum, welcoming every brand and type of shoe.

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