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Slow and Steady 
Wins the Race

Much is made of the importance of sustainability in fashion. It’s a responsibility that starts with the sourcing of materials and ends with creating a mindful attitude to consumption for our customers. By eschewing the concept of fast fashion and focusing on conscious production cycles we can really make a difference.


To all of us working at Vagabond Shoemakers, sustainability is hardly something new. By working with just a few selected suppliers we’ve managed to build long-term relationships with our manufacturers, and this allows us to gain insight into working conditions at the production level. We strongly believe that using skilled craftsmen working in a healthy environment results in great quality products.


Back in our design studio every decision is made consciously. We carefully select materials and components to make the end product as clean as possible. When developing shoe models, we strive to create designs that generate the minimum waste. Our ambition has always been to make shoes that last — for our customers to cherish and want to take care of. After all, with proper shoe care they can endure the test of time.


Of course, there’s no way forward without innovation and that’s why we’re working with Swerea industrial research lab to find an improved formula to existing glues. It is crucial to be able to track the origins of the components that go into making a shoe, and to do this our partners need to share our passion for sustainability.


In the end, this is not something we do because it makes us feel good. It’s a responsibility we all share.