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Brand Protection

We protect our brand and design and work with a close network of suppliers and customers. Still, there is a risk of counterfeit copies which appear to be authentic Vagabond Shoemakers products or websites.

We have a robust set of intellectual property rights, such as international trademark rights, and are keen on demonstrating that we do not tolerate counterfeit products or fake websites.

How do I avoid counterfeit products or websites?

The safest way to avoid buying a counterfeit product or from a fake website is to buy directly from or your trusted multi-brand store – we have accredited resellers in more than 45 markets.

To shop safe, please know that www., or websites re-directing to is the only legit website. We never operate under any other re-descriptions of the website name, like vagabondsales, vagabondboots, vagabondfinland etc.

We regularly scan the market and immediately report and start a takedown process.

If you accidentally purchase from a fraud site where you pay money and no or a counterfeit copy is delivered, this is a personal fraud which should be reported to the police.