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This 21-year-old blogger, photographer, writer, podcaster and co-founder of Paper Light magazine has accomplished so much at her young age. With a killer work ethic, high-profile projects, and the kind of crisp and fresh photos desired by all, she is the embodiment of a true Vagabond.

How long have you lived in Stockholm? 
I moved to a suburb of Stockholm from the countryside when I was four, and then moved into the city in high school – so about five years ago. I shared a tiny, tiny flat with a friend and slept in a bunk bed. It was kind of awkward sleeping in the top bed if she brought someone home. I couldn't bring anyone home; the bed was too unstable. But I once brought home this giant sparkly Christmas tree in July.
What is it about Stockholm that makes you want to stay? 
Aside from my friends and family being close by, I really love how close it is to nature – the archipelago, beaches in the middle of the city, and all the parks. I don't think Stockholmers really understand how unique it is that we can actually swim in the water all around us. In most big cities, if you so much as dip your fingertip in some canal, you will get all kinds of diseases never before known to mankind. Our water is clean but a bit too cold to swim in unless it’s summer.
What inspires you about Stockholm? 
When people think about the size of Stockholm – which is quite small when compared to other cities – it’s easy to draw a parallel between small and limiting, in terms of inspiration, for example. However, I don’t really find this to be true. The city is too small for the different creative fields to separate themselves, which in my opinion can be a good thing. Everything melts together and people end up in unexpected collaborations. Sometimes limitations can be inspiring; you are forced to work with what you have and find new solutions.
How would you describe your style? 
I'd say simple. There is not a single thing in my wardrobe that doesn't fit with everything else. There are no crazy colours or patterns; it's all white or black and almost every shade of grey. Whatever I wear on top always matches with what I wear on the bottom. I like classic things like T-shirts, white cotton shirts and tight black jeans.
What style are you going for this fall? 
Warm and comfy – there is no other way here in Scandinavia. I’m looking forward to turtlenecks, longer coats, dress pants and leather heels. I'm also aiming to be more understanding – of myself and the people around me. That's always in style.
What shoes are you going for this fall? 
I'm going for my Tereza boots in black leather. They are comfortable yet they give me some extra height, and can handle the depressing weather. Sneakers too, of course, as long as the streets stay relatively dry.
What are your three tips for someone who has never been to Stockholm? 
Every decent human being loves a good breakfast; I'd recommend going to Brooms, Greasy Spoon or Pascal. Stay off the boring and busy shopping street of Drottninggatan, and don't hang around the Central Station in general. There are quite a few nice art museums and smaller galleries like Moderna Museet, the photography museum Fotografiska and the contemporary museum Magasin 3.
Do you have three tips for native Stockholmers? 
The noodles at Adam & Albin are amazing. It’s open every workday for a few hours around lunchtime. You might think you’re too full afterwards, but you can’t leave without trying the pancakes. Do a little staycation with someone you love at the Japanese Yasuragi spa. The whole place is beautiful, in the middle of nature, and just a bus ride away from Södermalm. And then visit your local bookshops. I love Konst-ig and Paper Cut.
Can you describe the places we shot at and why you like them? 
Artipelag is this amazing architectural masterpiece that melts into the forest outside the city. It's both an art museum and restaurant, and I recommend a day trip there. If you are into Scandinavian design, it's an absolute dream with all of the concrete, wood, glass and stone.
 My favourite hotel in Stockholm is Miss Clara; it has such a friendly and warm atmosphere. There is a lot of thought behind every single chair, lamp and art piece in there. Even if you’re not staying overnight, it's a nice place to grab something to eat or have a drink.
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