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3. The shoes will be sorted out for reuse or recycling

All shoes that are collected will be sent to the I:Collect in Germany. What happens first is that still wearable shoes are sorted out. Since a big problem with shoe consumption is that many of the shoes that are thrown away, still have a lot more to give. Therefore, the most important mission for the Shoe Bring Back-project is to make sure that shoes that are still in a wearable condition are being re-distributed to second-hand shops or charity.

The second step is to make sure that the used shoes can become new material. The technique to recycle textile materials is already established. Due to the vast number of different components, no similar efficient method has previously existed for shoes. Vagabond is part of a pilot project with I:Collect, where recycling is being enabled thanks to new innovations.

For each kilogram of collected products, Vagabond receive EUR 0,5. This money is re-invested in our efforts to improve the recyclability of our shoes and to reduce the chemical input into the shoe making process, for example find a more environmental friendly glue for shoes in the future. Read more about our CSR & Sustainability work here